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Welcome to the SCTE India Chapter

SCTE India is a non-profit organization managed by an Executive Committee consisting of volunteers from the wireline networking industry in India. It will blossom into a group of engineers, technicians, installers and like-minded professionals involved in broadband communications who wish to share their technical expertise with others to improve the general standing of this industry in India. The objective of SCTE India is not only to provide training and networking opportunities to the wireline broadcasting industry but also caters to the needs of the wireless sector.

SCTE was founded in 1945. Originally called ‘The Society of Relay Engineers’, with the advent of cable television it became the ‘Society of Cable Television Engineers’. In 1994, reflecting the changes in the industry, it adopted the name ‘Society of Cable Telecommunication Engineers’. While retaining the well known ‘SCTE’ brand name, it is now known as the ‘Society of Broadband Professionals’ –

With the concept of DIGITAL INDIA, f broadband penetration into India’s residential segment is implied. This residential segment in India has 'de-facto' higher coaxial cable penetration for delivering uni-directional TV content, including but NOT limited to DTH. With the upgrade of Cable TV networks to bi-directionality, broadband delivery can be easily incorporated?. Telco-based broadband ingress? is also copper-based.

However, the quality of installation at the subscriber premises remains far from what is desired and achievable, which directly impacts QoS (Quality of Service) and QoE (Quality of Experience). To start with, therefore, SCTE India is planning to launch an installer's training programme both for Cable and Telco technicians. The next stagewould be for service technicians, covering fibre and copper segments of the network up to the subscriber premises. Further steps include training programmes for NOC (Network Operations Centre), Cable TV Headend/Central Offices in Telecom, management and preventive checks. Besides upskilling technicians, SCTE India can also conduct short programmes for non-technical personnel in both CATV and TELCO segments.

1st SCTE India Awards Video Coverage
1st SCTE India Awards Video Coverage
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